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          about us

          About us

              Yangzhou Lisheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. is located in the northern outskirts of the ancient city of Yangzhou City, on the banks of the Beijing Airlines Grand Canal, and the famous "Hometown of Lotus Roots in China"-Liubao Town, Baoying County. The traffic here is convenient, and it is only five minutes to the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway.
              We have accumulated many years of experience in the production of electronic ceramics. This year, we have introduced Japanese ceramics concepts and technologies, and have many modern and high-performance ceramic production lines. We have built an existing ignition electrode manufacturing workshop in the same industry with superb equipment, technology and management. With strong production capacity, superior quality and efficient service, it has won the favor of domestic and foreign industries such as lamps, gas appliances, and electric heating appliances.
              We have successively passed ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001:2004 total quality management system certification. Among them, the ignition electrode (ignition needle), squeeze type igniter, and pulse igniter for barbecue have all passed CSA safety certification. The products are exported in large quantities, mainly to North America, Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Iran and other regions. It is becoming the largest export manufacturing base for gas appliance ignition systems in China.
              We are willing to create a brilliant tomorrow with you with high-quality products, efficient service, real price and strong strength.

        1. Ingenuity culture
        2. Ingenuity culture

        3. Gratitude
        4. Be grateful for life, life will give you brilliant sunshine.

        5. Insist
        6. Adhere to their own beliefs, the desire to complete the ideal and never give up < br / > Persistence is the greatest wealth everyone has.

        7. Dream
        8. A trickle of water can wear away a big stone, not because it is powerful, < br / > But because of the drop of day and night.

        9. Unique advantages of brand

        11. Since 2010
        12. Production experience of electronic ceramics

        13. More than 1000 square meters
        14. Plant area

        15. More than 50 people
        16. Number of employees

        17. Cooperative customers
        18. Many world-famous enterprises and international and domestic well-known companies

        19. BRAND HONORS
        20. HONOR
        21. China Testing
        22. Quality management system cert…
        23. We have passed ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001:2004 total quality management system certification. Among them, ignition electrode (ignition needle), extrusion igniter and pulse igniter for barbecue oven have passed CSA safety certification.


          Contact us

          Address: Liubao Industrial Park, Baoying County


          Email:yzxlk@126.com / lstc@china-lstc.com


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