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    Why does the ignition needle of a gas stove not catch fire? Just a few simple tricks

    Date:2020/7/14 11:15:35 Hits:238

        The appearance of gas stoves has greatly promoted our lives. However, some minor problems will inevitably occur when used for various reasons, such as gas stoves cannot catch fire. Although this is only one of the possible problems in the use of gas stoves, there are many reasons why gas stoves cannot ignite. I was cooking two days ago and I was preparing to use a gas stove, but it was difficult to start a fire. I initially thought that the gas valve was not open, but the inspection found that it was not. So what is going on?
    1. The gas stove can't catch fire? Check the cause before solving
    1. No gas
        If you don’t pay attention to check during daily use, or if you are busy, it is common to forget to buy gas. Therefore, when you encounter a gas stove that fails to catch fire, first check whether there is still gas.
        Solution: If the gas stove has no gas, you can buy gas at the gas sales office.
    2. No battery
        This is the most common problem. When there is still gas, you should check whether the battery is charged when you find it does not catch fire.
        Solution: Just replace the battery with a new one.
    3. Poor circuit contact
        If the gas in the home is used for a long time, this problem is easy to encounter. The main reason is to check whether the positive and negative electrodes of the battery box are rusted, whether the wiring is poorly connected, and whether the plug is loose.
        Solution: The rust needs to be removed, the lines are accurately connected, and the electric valve must be turned off before safety inspection.
    4. The micro switch is damaged
        This is a small place in the gas stove, but it is more difficult to repair than usual. It is generally not recommended to repair it by yourself.
        Solution: It is recommended to ask a professional to solve it.
    2. If the ignition sound can be heard during ignition, it may be a problem with the ignition needle and the fire distributor.
        (1) First look at the ignition needle, magnetic white, whether there is a spark during ignition, and whether the strength of the spark is the same as the one on the left. If not, replace the ignition needle.
        (2) The hole of the fire distributor is not aligned with the spark from the ignition needle. Place the firearm as the one on the left.
    3. If there is no fire, check whether the discharge needle discharges
        (1) If the discharge needle does not discharge, it means that the discharge needle is faulty and the discharge needle should be replaced.
        (2) If the discharge needle discharges, it means that the valve body is faulty and the valve body should be replaced.
    4. If it catches fire
        (1) If it can burn normally, it means that the position of the igniter is too high, and the user should be instructed to gently press the igniter down a few times before putting it on the pot holder.
        (2) If there is a fire, but the flame is too weak to reach the furnace head, the gas pressure is too low. The user of the liquefied gas stove suggests that it should be replaced with a new pressure reducing valve. Coal-based gas and natural gas      should be reported to the gas supply company .
        (3) If there is a fire and the flame can reach the fire cover, but it does not catch fire, it means that the valve body is blocked. Instruct the user to clear the nozzle with a thin iron wire.
    Third, the troubleshooting of other common faults in gas stoves
        1. After the gas stove is tempered, if there is tempering, turn off the switch immediately and wait for a while before re-igniting. If there is still flashback, check whether the center of the fan-shaped hole on the burner is aligned with the nozzle. If it is not aligned, there will be no more flashback after adjustment.
        2. The gas stove has a yellow flame, a false fire, a yellow hair, and a false hair, which are mainly caused by the deviation of the burner position. It should be adjusted so that the center of the fan-shaped hole is opposite to the nozzle. If the      firepower is still weak, it may be caused by insufficient gas pressure.
        3. The small flame of the gas stove is mainly due to the clogging of the nozzle. Just poke it with a thin wire. If it is caused by the blockage of the lighter, please ask the maintenance department for inspection!

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