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          Why does the ignition needle of a gas stove not discharge? Don't rush to spend money to find workers

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            To find out why the ignition needle does not discharge, we must first know how the ignition needle works. Generally, there are two main types of ignition methods for gas stoves: piezoelectric ceramic type and electric pulse type. Pulse ignition is now commonly used because of its high ignition rate and continuous discharge advantages instead of piezoelectric ceramic ignition. When the button is pressed, it starts to ignite, and when it is released, it stops immediately.
            Therefore, the reason why the ignition needle does not discharge may be in these three places: 1. The battery is insufficient or loose; 2. The switch button of the gas stove is malfunctioning; 3. The igniter of the gas stove is malfunctioning. Some problems can be solved by yourself, but some still require professional maintenance personnel.
            If you find that the battery power is low, you can replace it by yourself; if you find that the ignition needle of the gas stove is not in the right position, and the firework cover is far away, the fire can't be fired, then you can rotate it properly at this time For the firework cover in the gas stove, the air outlet on the fire cover is aligned with the ignition needle.
            For example, gas stoves in some households are used for a long time, and usually do not pay attention to maintenance. The ignition needle is prone to rust, and it will also affect the ignition of the gas stove. At this time, you can use a metal iron plate on the ignition needle and Rub the inner firework back and forth to remove the rust on the surface and expose the metal surface to ignite.
            However, if you have tried all of these conditions and it still fails to light up, you need to ask a professional maintenance worker to check where the problem is. At this time, don't move around by yourself and be careful of accidents.


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